Are you a Faith-Based Female Entrepreneur Wondering how to Ride out this Recession with both Grace and Gains?

It's Time to Go From Hesitant and Fearful to a Confident Spirit-Led Entrepreneur!

Come Learn From the Experts the Strategies to Ride out the Recession with Grace and Gains!

About the Summit

The Flamingo Business Summit brings together an amazing group of unique Faith-based speakers with varied experience, perspectives and expertise who will pour into you as a Christian Woman in the online business space.

Our speakers serve all stages of business owners who want to continue to be profitable in spite of the current economic downturn and still represent Christ well in the marketplace to create impact, influence and income. 

Our 4-day event (September 8-11) will focus on the daily themes of
  • Recession Proof your Mindset
  • Recession Proof your Marketing
  • Recession Proof your Programs
  • Recession Proof your People

In just 2-3 hours a day, you will be inspired, encouraged and equipped to thrive as you guide your business, in spite of the doom and gloom we're hearing from all sides right now. 

This FREE Event is for

Experts, Coaches, Online Teachers & Entrepreneurs

Our VIP Attendees Get 

  • Early access to the event sessions and recordings in case you can't view them during the event dates
  • 70+ Free Gifts and tools from the Speakers to help you grow
  • Access to the Live Q and A in person, to ask the speakers your questions in person

Our World Class, International Speaker Line Up

These are Christian Business leaders who are showing up authentically in their ecosystems and flying above the storm, just like a flamingo, and they want to share how you can do this too in short 15-20 minute sized interviews that will leave you inspired and ready to soar.

Katie hornor
Your Host: Katie Hornor

Danielle Tate

Myrna Buckles

Katie hornor
Nancy Todd

PJ Pitonyak

Tresa Salters

Katie hornor
Dawnita Fogleman

Emmie Manor

Connie Buskohl

Teri Riley
Teri Riley

Kathy Burrus

Brenda Parmelee

Katie hornor
Colleen Biggs

Jennifer Elia

Carrie Reichartz
Carrie Reichartz

Katie hornor
Rachael Elmore

Beverly Walthour

Carrie Reichartz
Victoria Mininger

If you have a full time, part time or side hustle business and want to THRIVE during these trying times, not just SURVIVE…

Stop apologizing for and hiding your business and embrace your FLAMINGO uniqueness to become the confident leader and CEO God's called you to be! People need you NOW more than ever!

Join us for fellowship and amazing teaching from our Collective of Christian experts, who’ve impacted millions! They're each flamingos in their own right and will be sharing how to "recession proof" your mindset, marketing, programs and people.

Katie hornor
Gena Suarez

Dannella Burnett

Carrie Reichartz
Tanya Miller

Natalie Lavelock
Natalie Lavelock

Katie Coates
Katie Coates

Tina Brandau
Tina Brandau

Maureen Spell
Maureen Spell

Liz Montigny
Liz Montigny

Teresa McCloy
Teresa McCloy

Michelle Lange
Michelle Lange

Lindsey Johnson
Lindsey Johnson

Hope Ware
Hope Ware

Anita Morin
Anita Morin

Dr. Debra Dean
Dr. Debra Dean

Christa Hutchins
Christa Hutchins

Kristin Dronchi
Kristin Dronchi

Julianne Kirkland
Julianne Kirkland

Kristin Engen
Kristin Engen

Stacey Ansley
Stacey Ansley

Lisa Vanderkwaak
Lisa Vanderkwaak

Thumb Bheka
Thembi Bheka

Our Speakers Have Been Seen On...

Join the Flamboyance! Join From Anywhere There's a Wifi Signal

A flock of flamingos is a "flamboyance" and we're excited to bring our flock together and fellowship with you for 4 days of amazing training and inspiration to equip you as a business owner not to just ride out the troubled waters of today's economy, but to truly thrive your way through it.

If you are...

  • Struggling with overwhelm, lack of confidence or fear of criticism in your business...

  • Not sure the right way to market your business in a 'recession'...

  • Often thinking "I really should plan out my social media, but who has time for that?" and just posting to post today...

  • Hoping to make your program perfect, postponing launch because you still have to do x, y or z...

  • Frustrated trying to find and connect with your people, be seen by them so you can help them...

  • Feeling like you're the only one trying to honor God with your business right now...

If you identified with at least 3 of these - Congratulations! You're a flamingo too, and we need to stick together!

Join us at the Flamingo Business Summit to learn how to embrace and unleash your "inner flamingo" to ride out the recession with grace and confidence that makes both income and impact easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event?

Sessions will release Thursday to Sunday, September 8-11. Sessions will be available to view with FREE registration for 48 hours after posting. And there will be live Q and A with the speakers at 7pm ET each day.

What's included in the Free Registration?

All attendees will receive access to the summit Facebook community, free gifts as well as access to each days sessions for 48 hours.

What's included in the VIP Pass?

Our VIP attendees get

  1. Early access to the event sessions and the recordings in case you can't see them during the event dates
  2. Additional Free Gifts (over 70 total) from the speakers
  3. Access to the Live Q and A in person, to ask the speakers your questions

What's the Refund Policy?

There are no refunds for the VIP pass due to the live nature of the activities provided to VIP pass holders.

How Long Will This Take Me Each Day?

We'll release ten 15-minute sessions daily for you to watch on your own time. Each session will be available for 48 hours. There will also be a live session with Katie mid-day and a live. Q and A in the evening for VIP attendees to interact with the speakers in real time.

How do I Access the Sessions?

Free attendees will receive a link via email each day of the event to access the sessions online. (from [email protected])

VIP pass holders will access sessions online OR may choose to access them here inside of our Summit portal once they release.

Can I purchase more than 1 VIP pass and do this with a Friend?

Absolutely! We encourage you to attend with a friend or team member to enhance the learning process! Each person should use a different email to complete his/her registration.

What are the Session Topics?

Day 1: Recession Proof Your Mindset

  • Katie Hornor: Your Philosophy of Business
  • Carrie Reichartz: Go Confidently with Your God
  • Maureen Spell: Renew Your Mind
  • Hope Ware: Out-Dream Your Pocketbook!
  • Kristin Dronchi: Your Light and Lighthouse
  • Julianne Kirkland: Overcoming is Possible
  • Kristin Engen: Have Faith in the Vision
  • Stacey Ansley: Progress Depends on Intentional Action 
  • Debra Dean: How to Nourish Your Soul While At Work
  • Liz Montigny: Exchange Your Hustle for Hope
  • Teresa McCloy: No More Airy Fairy Processes, This is Real Life

Day 2: Recession Proof Your Marketing

  • Katie Hornor: R.A.V. marketing formula
  • Lisa Vanderkwaak: Leverage Your Voice
  • Beverly Walthour: Your Message Matters
  • Jennifer Elia: How to Build Trust on Social
  • Lindsey Johnson: Sales Pages That Convert
  • Katie Coates: Making Publicity Easy
  • Thembi Bheka: The Key to Great Funnels
  • Anita Morin: Video = Greater Visibility
  • Michelle Lange: Easy Video Uplevels
  • Dannella Burnett: Guesting as a Marketing Tool 
  • Christa Hutchins: Collaborative Marketing for Business Growth

Day 3: Recession Proof Your Programs

  • Katie Hornor: The Flamingo Formula™ for Fabulous Programs
  • Natalie Lavelock: The S.O.L. Key to Growing Your Programs
  • Brenda Parmelee: De-Clutter Your Offerings
  • Kathey Burrus: Mapping Out a Successful Client Journey
  • Dawnita Fogleman: How to Prepare Your Business for Emergencies
  • Emmie Manor: Making Your Program A Necessity 
  • PJ Pitonyak: Do Not Cross That Line! (schedules and boundaries)
  • Teri Riley: First Impressions for Faster Sales
  • Tresa Salters: Re-imagine Your Program Presentation for Greater Reach

Day 4: Recession Proof Your People

  • Katie Hornor: The 3 Keys to Legacy LeadershipRachael Elmore: A Leader Leads Others to Thrive
  • Tina Brandau: Standing Strong in Tough Times
  • Victoria Mininger: Safety in Numbers
  • Myrna Buckles: Curiosity Connects
  • Danielle Tate: Keys to a Strong Financial Foundation
  • Colleen Briggs: Uncovering Provision in Unexpected Places
  • Connie Buskohl, CPA: Understanding the Highs and Lows of Recession Impact and How to Thrive
  • Nancy Todd: Everything is a Test
  • Tanya J. Miller: Resiliance Matters
  • Gena Suarez: A Determined Spirit and A Faithful God

What Attendees Are Saying...

Katie has the best guest speakers! They all have their own special gifts and they are all amazing in their ability to get their point across. -Debbie Hanyon

My takeaway from Katie's last event: It is important to know your WHY!!! Helping others has always been a part of my “why” and aligning myself with others (partners and or collaborators) of the same value is very important to me!! -Kathy Briner

l loved the transparency in these events and the break out times where we let down our walls to be vulnerable! Also, I am getting so much more clarity on my thru line in my business! Thank you! - Chérie Olson

Meet Your Host

Katie Hornor is an international speaker, best-selling author and expat entrepreneur in a sleepy little seaside town in México who has inspired millions of people through her best-selling books, including the most recent "The Flamingo Advantage™" and her top 2% global podcast.

Through her faith-based business strategy programs Katie has helped over 8,000 people learn to maximize the impact of their expertise by improving their mindset, marketing, programs and people experiences to scale their online course/coaching businesses to five and six figures.

Her Mission is to raise up an army of believers in the marketplace who will reveal God’s glory through their work by embracing and leveraging their unique FLAMINGO ADVANTAGE™ and their role in God’s story so that they can "do business as worship," embrace their "inner flamingo", create a lifestyle of joyful impact, confidently give the message they’ve been given, and change the world.